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Excellency through optimum public satisfaction

Our Mission

Providing services according to the government policies, resource coordination and uplifting the life conditions of the division through a efficient sustainable planning process with community participation

History of Udubaddawa Divisional Secretariat

Udubaddawa divisional secretariat is situated in Kurunagala district in North Western province. Udubaddawa division consists of South Katugampala Korale, Yangampaththu Korale & Karadapaththu Korale, as registrar divisions.

Earlier Udubaddawa & Bingiriya divisions were combined and due to the administration diffculties udubaddawa division was separated 1989 from bingiriya initially it was operated as a mobile service station in pradesiya saba building in 1990 January.

Udubaddawa divisional secretariat was permanently established & 43 Grama Niladari Divisions which were belonging to Bingiriya Divisional Secretariat were entitling to the division.

Mr. S.S.E.Lorance was the first Divisional Secretary & the official activities were fulfilled in a part of the Agrarian service building in Udubaddawa.New office building was opened by late honorable Prime Minister Mr.D.S.Wijethunga in 1991.08.25.

Currently Udubaddawa divisional secretariat consists of four buildings including 3 story buildings.


Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. S.S.E. Lorance 1990.02.19 1991.02.10
Mr. W.M. Premarathna 1991.02.11 1991.07.14
Mr. P.H.L. Wimalasiri Perera 1991.07.16 1992.01.01
Mr. N.P.K. Nelumdeniya 1992.02.01 1992.07.01
Mr. S.A.G. Sakalasuriya 1993.04.01 1995.02.19
Mr. R.M. Susil Premarathna 1998.10.28 2002.04.15
Mr. H.L.S. Wijesingha 2002.04.15 2008.09.02
Mr. R.A.B.P. Rupasingha 2008.09.03 2012.08.07
Mr. D.A. Nayanananda 2012.08.09 2017.07.21
Mrs. Sumudu P. Withanage 2017.08.24 up to now

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Inquire about your problems during the travel restriction period

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Food Home Delivery

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